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Varduna company professionally develops software solutions and provides high quality support in software development process. Varduna employees are high educated and certified professionals which guarantees efficient and quality work on your project.

We will provide fast, reliable and quality realization of all of yours requests whether it is software analyze process and documentation writing, project design, project planning, training or implementation.

We have extensive experience and we can be your reliable partner if you want to outsource work on:

  • Leading complex IT projects
  • Business applications development
  • Data integration and migration
  • Telecommunication and mobile platforms
  • Database and application servers
Services and technologies you can rely on our partnership
Services Program languages, tools and technicsTechnologies and application area

Leading complex IT projects

Jira, dotProject, Microsoft Project

Application area:

Project planning and Project management, Software development methodologies {SCRUM, Larman's UML Process, RUP}


Business application development

Java SE/Java EE/Scala


JSF, JBoss Seam, RichFaces, Hibernate, JPA, Spring, Swing, JavaFX

Application area:
ERP, CRM, CMS, e-Commerce


Data integration and migration

Application integration and data integration, data export and import

Application area:
B2B, B2C, Oracle Enterprise Service BUS, BPEL, Web Servisi, data transfer and data migration, database substitution and migration

Telecommunication and mobile platforms



Application areas and protocols:

Mobile applications, Google Maps, GPS, VoIP, ...


Databases and application servers

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Web Logic, JBoss, ...

Application area:

Database design, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PL/SQL, ...

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